Welcome to the Association of Professional Claims Managers

The Association of Professional Claims Managers (APCM) is a trade association representing claims management firms dealing with financial mis-selling and is intended to increase the professionalism and levels of service provided by regulated claims management companies.  It will enable businesses that are committed to treating their customers fairly to distinguish their services from others. 

The APCM has developed a code of practice, the "Claims Management Code" which aims to protect consumer interests over and above the protections offered by law. 


 "honesty, fairness and transparency"

All applicants for membership are required to demonstrate that their business operations comply with the APCM Claims Management Code. This is assessed on behalf of the APCM through an independent compliance audit.  Membership of the APCM is based solely on the results of the compliance audit. In this way the APCM will best represent those claims management companies that are committed to delivering high standards to their customers.

On-going adherence to the APCM Claims Management Code is assessed through an annual audit similar to that undertaken for applicants. 

This process of establishing that Members operate in an ethical, professional and customer-focussed way will enable Members to distinguish themselves within the industry. Customers will know when dealing with a Member of the Association of Professional Claims Managers that it has selected a firm that is committed to "delivering what it says it will" where honesty, fairness and transparency are at the heart of the service.

Member firms will be represented by the Association of Professional Claims Managers in dealings with regulatory bodies and consumer groups and be kept up to date with regulatory developments. 

A unique offering of Membership of the APCM is that Members will have access to a "compliance helpline and support package" enabling them to seek guidance about regulatory and compliance matters thereby obtaining reassurance and protection around their business operations.

Download the APCM Membership Prospectus to find out more about the application process or complete the APCM Membership Application Form.

The Claims Management Code sets out the high standards against which our Members are assessed and monitored.