Information for consumers about the Code and the APCM 

What is the APCM?

The Association of Professional Claims Managers is a trade association representing claims management firms dealing with financial mis-selling claims and aims to increase the professionalism and levels of service provided by regulated claims management companies.

It assesses the compliance standards of firms wishing to join the Association and will only grant Membership if the firm can demonstrate that it is compliant with the Claims Management Code.

The Association also provides a complaints-resolution facility for its Members. This means that if you are not satisfied about the way in which a Member has dealt with a complaint you can refer the matter to us free of charge and we will undertake an independent investigation.


What is the APCM Claims Management Code?

The Claims Management Code is a set of standards developed by the Association which aims to protect consumer interests, over and above the protections offered within the law, when dealing with a claims management firm that is a member of the APCM. 


There are 6 key principles of the Code as follows:

1.   Members must treat their customers fairly and act responsibly.

2.   Members must conduct their business with honesty, fairness and transparency.

3.   Members must implement appropriate systems and controls to ensure that their business operations are conducted in compliance with the Code and relevant regulations and law.

4.   Members must ensure that staff have the appropriate knowledge and skills to perform their roles and their competence is assessed on an on-going basis.

5.   Members must be responsive to complaints, undertaking a fair investigation and taking action to resolve customer concerns.

6.   Members must use their reasonable endeavours to promote the Association and its Code. 


All Members are required to comply with the Code.


Why should I deal with a Member of the Association?

If you are dealing with a claims management firm that is a member of the Association you can be confident that their business standards have been assessed to ensure that they are complying with not only the Principles but also the detailed requirements of the Claims Management Code. 

This includes the requirement that all of our members operate on the basis of a "no win no fee" service - so you won't face upfront charges to have your claim reviewed. We also set a maximum fee that our members can charge and require them to explain the process properly to you so you are fully informed about the services you will receive.


We only allow members to join if they can demonstrate that they are compliant with our high standards.


What's more we will ensure that Members continue to operate in this way by undertaking annual compliance checks. 


Remember - look out for the APCM Member Logo


    The APCM Member Logo means the business you are dealing with is committed to treating its customers fairly and working with your best interests in mind. 

Where you see the "founder member" logo the business was instrumental in helping to create the APCM so you know it is committed to leading the way in terms of compliance and quality.


How can I get more information?

You can view the Claims Management Code on this website. 

You can also request a printed copy of the Code or a copy in other formats, for example, large print or Braille, by contacting us in the following ways:


Writing to us at Association of Professional Claims Managers, The Flint Glassworks, 64 Jersey Street, Ancoats Urban Village, Manchester, M4 6JW.

Telephoning us on 0845 862 3522

E-mailing us at